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How it started…….




Before Mayor Marcelo “Bobot” G. Adanza became a politician he was in his lucrative position as Regional Manager of a Multi- national company with home based in Cologne Germany. He resigned from his job to serve the people of Zamboanguita. What he learned from the private sector was implemented in the government institution and run the Municipality like a private Corporation.

Mayor Marcelo “Bobot” G. Adanza was popularly known as “The WORKING MAYOR” . He started his political career as Vice Mayor, appointed during the Revolutionary Government of Cory Aquino after being endorsed by the religious sector, the academe and the people in general. He was elected  in 1988 as Independent Vice Mayor  and won overwhelmingly against all his opponents, even with all the votes combined. In 1992, he run as Mayor in the municipality and won with a convincing victory.


Mayor Marcelo “Bobot” Adanza, on the first year of his term  focused on the working habit of the Municipal Personnel, emphasizing  the importance of having a career rather than just an ordinary job and genuine  public service. He successfully instituted discipline and love for work among the Municipal employees, and delivered genuine services to the people.

Basic needs was then addressed by the new administration to improve the means of livelihood of the people thru development of the micro-economy of the Municipality  by renovating the Public Market, providing working animals for the farmers and fishing boat for the fishermen, providing free transportation for the farmers in the hinterlands to bring their farm products to Malatapay, and providing concrete policies for their protection. These program was institutionalized known as the ” Comprehensive Agricultural Program Development ” which won the Municipality of Zamboanguita a National Award known as the “Galing Pook Award”, awarded in Malacanang with Mr. Felicisimo Bantoto of Bagaba and Mr. Balodoy Sayre of Dalakit, Zamboanguita.

The construction of the Gymnasium is one of the legacies of Mayor Marcelo “Bobot”Adanza, designed for Youth Development Program. Youth is a potential sector for economic development. Also,one of the strategies is the “Scholarship Program”, providing a free college education for deserving student. Mayor Marcelo “Bobot” Adanza was the first Mayor to enroll 200 scholars in NORSU in 1993, some of them are now teachers, engineers and OFWs.

The progress and Development of Zamboanguita is never an ending task.



Discipline, Hard work and Dedication

was the main formula.


In 2001, he was elected as provincial Board Member for the 3rd District of Negros Oriental. On his 1st term, he was awarded as the most outstanding provincial Board Member for having a perfect attendance in all sessions and the highest number of resolutions and ordinance passed during that term.

As Chairman on the Committee on Health, he authored several ordinances, on of this is the Provincial Health Insurance of Negros Oriental(PHINO) which provides FREE health insurance to the indigent patients of the Province. He also authored the Provincial Anti-Smoking Ordinance which seeks to protects the public especially the Youth from the destructive effects of smoking like cancer.

In the early years of computerization he advocated the so called “Computer Literacy Program” to update the young generations on the new trends of education by way of computers especially in the far flung schools of the 3rd District.
Out of his meager allocation of the country wide development fund, he was able to provide computers to the interior schools of the 3rd District thus providing the students with updated educational learning.

He finished his 9 year term as Provincial Board Member in 2010 with flying colors.